Problem to play other slots...

Hello !

I’m french and I’apologize for my hopeless English ! :slight_smile:

I play with the independant program that I installed with Halion Sonic’s CD (I haven’t Cubase for the moment). I can play the first slot but when I load an instrument in the second slot (for exemple), I’ve a probleme because when I play a note in my keyboard, it’s play the first slot. I’ve search how change and the only way I’ve found is to move the Slot 2 to Slot 1 but the keyboard plays the slot 1 and 2 at the same time…

My question is : How to change the slot that I play (spend 1st to 5th for example) ?

I hope you’re undestand my problem (Many French person have a desperate English !!)

Thanks for your answers


From your controller/keyboard or host, you should use the MIDI channel corresponding with the slot (MIDI page > channel [p. 386]).
So if slot 2 is set to MIDI channel 2, your controller/keyboard or host should send its data over channel 2.

Have the same Problem. I changed the Midi Chanel to 2. But it still plays only and always the first channel.
Midi channel change from my master keyboard works with other audio programs.

Hi guys,

in the HALion Sonic and Cubase manual it is explained.

  • Only use the VST Rack (F11)

  • Create Midi Tracks with different Midi- Channels 1- 16 and connect it to the HALion Sonic

  • Now you can use the 16 Slots/Presets