Problem to set up a default template - missing function

I’m searchin the way to start up cubase 7 with default template but I can’t find solution.
I attached 2 images to see clearly there is no possibility to chose “On startup” under general preferences.
Can anybody help and look in his prefs if it’s the same situation?

Please help cause I’m opening cubase this way more then 10 years when I’m starting new projects.
C7 PREF.png
C7 MANUAL P59.png


What do you mean with changed?

No longer an option.

Why then stays in user manual?

Your guess is as good as mine.

I can’t belive they removed so important future, I hope that’s mistake. :unamused:

Does anybody use this feautre - I’m trying to cofigure this like in previouse cubase versions but it simply disapired from preferences.

It must be a mistake:
“On Startup” has simply disapeared from the Preferences - General menu, while page 59 of the manual still describes it.
Hope it will be back soon in an update !