Problem Today Festive Countdown : Save 30% on all Nuendo versions doesn't work

Today , festive countdown saves 30% on all nuendo versions.
But doesn’t work for me!!!???
Someone has a solution?

same problem here…

Doesn’t work here either, it’s supposed to work in my country… I’ll try calling them or sending an email.




Why only in some countries?
Please open it for all users.

“This special offer is unavailable for US customers.”

Ok… I guess you don’t want my money…

It’s not working in EU countries either

It’s not working. They’ve obviously already gone on their Christmas Holidays. I wanted to upgrade but they obviously don’t want my money!

its not working for me in the UK, are you going to fix it or do it again to honor those who have missed out?
I’ve checked with both Firefox and Edge browsers on Windows 10.

I think it’s not working for Anyone.

I also tried several times yesterday from Germany. Too bad it did not work.

I am sorry to hear that. Let me check this! It might take until beginning of next year though…

No words.

Anybody in this forum got the 30% discount at all?
If so, stand up.

Well, sorry that many of my colleagues are on vacation until Jan 2.

For those who ordered something on Dec 24 at the regular price assuming the discount will be deducted later, you will receive a refund in form of a 30% discount automatically.
I have seen that some here have sent emails and I hope I replied to all of them in the meantime.

Again sorry for the confusion and a Happy New Year!

I did neither of these things but had full intentions of buying if the discount was granted, I was hesitant when I wasn’t even clear if it would be discounted later. I can email if you will honor the discount still. what address should I be emailing?

I have sent an email, Digital Metal.

Thanks Ed !