Problem transfering Cubasis 2 iOS project to Cubase 10 Windows

I have a small project in Cubasis 2. I’ve followed all the instructions to export it to Cubase Elements 10 for WIndows. Cubase says it imported correctly and shows the MIDI and the sampler instrument but the instrument does not contain my samples so I hear nothing. I’ve created a new one track project with a minisampler and a single sample mapped across the whole keyboard. The export problem is the same. I see the instrument and the track in Cubase but the sample is lost. Suggestions please!

Hi @boingy99,

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Cubasis and Cubase are different apps, which include different features, instruments and effects.

Where possible, we try our best to enable to load Cubasis projects to Cubasis. However this can results in loaded tracks with no assigned instruments (since the MiniSampler and or the Classic Machines are exclusive to Cubasis).

Please choose to create mixdowns of those tracks (via using Track Freeze) and/or decide to load other Cubase instruments in these situations.

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Hi Lars,

Many thanks for the reply.
I do appreciate that the two apps are different but I am a bit surprised that a straightforward Cubasis Minisampler instrument containing a single sample cannot be imported and converted to a sampler track, a Halion Sonic instrument or Groove Agent instrument in Cubase. I deliberately stuck to using just built-in Cubasis instruments for that very reason.

I have already transferred stems to Cubase and for the lead instrument I have remade it by transferring the raw sample from the iPad so it’s not a show stopper, it’s just not as seamless as I expected. I assume the same is true of Cubasis 3 and of Cubase 12?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @boingy99,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, MiniSampler is exclusive to Cubasis, and instruments can’t be imported with the sampler track and or HALion.

However, TrackFreeze can be used to convert the MiniSampler MIDI track into an audio track to be imported to Cubase.

Hope that helps!

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