Problem transferring projects between computers - presets?

I just installed Cubase on a laptop I have and started a project on it. I copied the project folder and pasted it to my desktop (what I normally use). However, all the tracks associated to the HALion are quiet. When I opened the instrument none of the slots were loaded with the presets I had. Retrologue tracks work though. Was there another file somewhere I needed to copy over?


Is HALion Sonic SE installed completely, with the library?

Can you load any sound of you create a new project from scratch?

Yes the presets are all there, they are just not in the slots that I put them.

Any updates on this?? Not only are the presets not loaded but now I have to manually redo every tweak I made to the preset :cry:


Could you try to trash HALion Sonic SE preferences, please?

Hi…do you know where those are? I didn’t see any on the instrument or in the Preference menu under File.


Windows: %AppData% Steinberg/HALion Sonic SE folder
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/HALion Sonic SE folder

Nevermind…reinstalled Halion and problem solved.