Problem treatment offline : no sound

Hello For some time, when I am in the treatment window (F7) pre-listening is impossible. No sound when I press play. However, the volume is at the max. Anyone have an idea?

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Can you hear the Preview from MediaBay? Do you use Control Room (Monitor bus) or not?


I reset all the preferences and everything went back to normal…
Can you tell me some adjustment possibilities that could have caused this problem?
Thank you


If you enable Control Room, al Preview outputs are routed thru the Monitor bus. So you have to add the Monitor Bus in the Control Room and route it to your output.

If you don’t use Control Room, the Preview Outputs are routed thru the Main Out, which you can select in the Audio Connections > Outputs, by right-click to the bus and select the Main Out from the drop-down menu.

Yes. I think it was a problem of bus.Thanks a lot

I have this problem again. I think il happens when i create and delete new buses.
For information, I cant hear the preview from the media bay either, and i dont use the control room
Do you have any idea ?


How does the Audio Connections > Outputs look like?



Your Main Out is 1-2. You can see it by the black speaker in the window. If you want to set other output as the main, right click to the bus and enable it.

Yes, of course !!! Thank you very much.
Have a good day