problem trying to record Midi from my Motif XS


I am trying out the trial version of Cubase elementals, I have it all installed and working.
I am trying to record MIDI from my MOTIF XS on 4 separate MIDI tracks.
each track is set to a specific channel 1 thru 4.
what’s happening is that all of the MIDI data is going into each track, instead of channel 1 going into track 1 … etc.
so each of the 4 tracks has all of the data from MIDI channels 1,2,3 and 4 on each one.

I’ve searched online, and I have found a few articles about setting up a input transformer,
by the trial version of Cubase does not seem to have that feature.
am I missing something or is it not there ?
what version of Cubase would have the MIDI input transformer ?

would I qualify for a discount since my MOTIF XS shipped with a copy of Cubase ?