Problem unzipping ""Groove_Agent_4_Trial_Installer_win"

I’d like to try Grove Agent 4 so I’ve downloaded (twice now) the trial installer for my windows 7 computer. However windows can’t extract the files from the Zipped folder and can’t open the folder. So I can’t even get to the files to start installing it. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix?

I regularly unzip other similar zip files and have never had this problem. Windows Explorer is suggesting there is a problem with the folder (hence why I downloaded it a 2nd time - nearly 2 hours each time).

I’ve messaged Steinberg’s online store but they have asked for my credit card details if I want help - to help them find where I paid for it - but of course , you don’t use a credit card or pay to download the trial version and I can’t find any way of accessing Steinberg’s help - or find anything online and I have been going round in circles with this.

I’ve already got a USE E licensor , I’m running Cubase 8 on a windows 7 comp with over 20 gig of ram , plenty of disc space etc so should be find when I open it. I’ve been using Cubase since 1995 and never had this problem before. Any clues anyone on how to open the Groove Agent 4 Trial Installer for Windows so I can try it out prior to purchasing it - if all goes well.

Thanks in advance.

Every time I try download the trial it fails around 90%. Tried different computers, tablets, and a mate tried in a different city and got the same thing.

Its just rubbish isnt it. I posted on Steinberg’s Fb page twice today but no reply. I phoned their support line in Germany and an answer phone message said they were at a show and there was no support available. I’ve e-mailed 3 times now but got no where. Even though I seemed to manage to download it twice it didn’t do me any good. Seems there is something wrong with the download file but Steinberg is so difficult to contact to even tell them - there’s nothing a customer (or potential customer) can do. Good luck. If I ever get it to work I’ll post the solution here (if there is one).


you can try to download the retail DVD ISOs and use the trial activation code to activate the trial period.

The trial has been downloaded thousands of times by our customers, but this is the first time that I hear about this problem. Hopefully you will have more luck with the ISOs.

Sorry for the inconvenience and the struggle you experienced with our support. During MusikMesse we are unfortunately incapable of offering the same support service as we do during the rest of the year. Our social media specialist is also in Frankfurt and is not able to answer directly on Facebook.

Please let me know, if the ISO-Download-workaround worked out for you.

I did as you suggested , but although I got further than I did before I think there is a problem so I’d appreciate your input.

On the link page for the download you suggested , ( ) I clicked to download “Groove Agent DVD 1 (ISO Image) · 518 MB”. That downloaded fine and I successfully burnt it to disc (and verified the disc).

I then clicked on the 2nd link :- “Groove Agent DVD 2 (ISO Image) · 7.7 GB” . This seemed to start downloading fine - and naturally I was expecting a 7.7 gb download (as it says) - likewise my computer was showing that was the size of the source file (image). It also gave an anticipated download time alternating between 2 - 3 hrs.

However the download stopped after 3.95 gb had been downloaded. No error was visible so I checked the downloaded file and saw a completed new file in my download folder called :- “ Groove_Agent_4.0.0.156_disk2” .

Anyway , trusting in Steinberg I burnt the 3.95 gb to disc. (There was no sign that the download was going to start again and when , at one point , I clicked on it again to see if it was set up to identify the downloaded data amount to date and thereby automatically complete the download it just started again , so I had to abort that as there was no reason to suspect anything would happen different to the first time.

So now with two dvd’s with disc 1 and disc 2 I inserted disc 1 and began the installation. All seemed to go well until (according to the progress bar) the installation was about half way through. Then an error message came up “string reading from file D:\Grove agent 4 for windows \ additional content \vst sound \FCP_SMT_143_ga_rock_kit_vstsound. Verify that the file exists and you can access it”.

It gave me an option to retry so I did so and another error appeared :- “Grove Agent content installation failed . Fatal Error during installation. Error code 1603.”

I clicked on the Error mini window and a new window appeared saying “Steinberg Grove Agent 4 was installed successfully . Click finish to end the installation process”.

However , below that it also said “Grove agent 4 64 bit done. “ & “Reverence Content 01 already installed” and “GROVE AGENT CONTENT : TASK FAILED”.

I managed to open Grove Agent inside Cubase Pro 8 . (8.0.5) but as I was given the task of testing out (and reviewing how easy it is to install and use) I’m very concerned that it has not installed correctly.

I’m new to it , but was chosen as I’ve been using Cubase for 20 years . However I don’t know why this has become such a problem. It’s gone 8pm here. I’m still at work. I’ve been on this for 3 days now.

From research I have done , I’ve found lots of people who have had the original problems I had opening a zip file like the trial one I downloaded but I couldn’t find a solution to fix that. I got a lot further with this approach but clearly its not worked completely.

My guess is that I should have been enabled to complete the 7.7 gig download image file , which I’m also guessing comprises of 2 disc images broken down to fit on 2 dvds.But that is a guess.

The only other thing I can think of doing is attempting to download the 7.7 gig file using a download manager in the hope it will have better results. (I didn’t use one before as I saw no reference to the need to use one , or any special instructions either on the Steinberg site or in the PDF on installation. If that works I’m thinking of uninstalling Groove Agent 4 and re installing it , presumably from 3 discs? But I’m guessing this as I can find no clear instructions on the Steinberg website about this.

But if there is a better way , please let me know.

Finally I did manage to active Groove Agent using the trial code thank you. But I’m nervous about using it , as I don’t want to review something that may not actually be all there.

Is your hd formatted in fat32? Then you won’t be able to use any files bigger than 4gb on your system.

Thank you for your help.

The Studio PC (which is only a few months old) is using NTFS not FAT32. However , thanks for mentioning it.

I have managed to download & install Groove Agent 4 today. How I did it was I downloaded it using a different computer , also NTFS , also only a few months old , also running windows 7. I don’t know why , but on this occasion it managed to download the full file . I did nothing different.

I then transferred it to the studio computer and , with the help of WinCD EMu managed to install it again (having first uninstalled Friday’s attempt.

I do not know why it downloaded on the other computer. They were built by different companies. The one that managed to download it was constructed for video production , and the one that couldn’t download it was specifically built by a specialist audio computer company - with the intention of it just running Cubase.

So its a mystery.

PS Since writing the above I have been comparing the two computers to try and find a difference to explain this. Apart from the video one having a better graphics card , the main difference that sticks out is on that one , the one that managed to download it , Windows Automatic Updates is turned off (because they run a lot of Beta test stuff and like to control updates). On mine , the one that couldn’t download it , Automatic updates are turned on and it often updates.

I unzipped successfully but the activation period in my eLicenser keeps showing errors:
‘Activation period cannot start please contact your vendor’. Drivers are updated and maintenance carried out.
After all the problems with GA 3 this is not an auspicious start,
advice please, joe

Im having the same problem as artchesterfield with extracting the "GA4 trial installer files". Im running cubase 8 on Win8.1 computer using NTFS.
So if there is a solution for this, PLEASE tell me!
Thank you!