problem updating from 6 to 9

I have cubase elements 6, which was activated in my pc (reactivated recently).
I just purchased the update Cubase Elements 9 Update from Cubase Elements 6 / 7 / 8, from which i received the activation code to my e-mail.
But when i enter in e-licencer (i have downloaded the most recent version), it says “currently there is no licence available which can be upgraded by your upgrade licence. Please connect an USB-licencer, which holds an appropriate upgradable licence to your computer”.

How can I solve this problem ?
(at the main screen of e-licencer I see cubase ai6 and three cubase le6 registered and is says full licence on mouseover, the same as in my steinberg account)

thanks in advance

Well, if you have “AI” and “LE” licenses registered on your eLicenser, an "Update from Cubase Elements 6 / 7 / 8 " is just the wrong update, and the “upgrade form LE, AI, Essential or Sequel” would have been the right one.