Problem updating to Cubase 10

hi, I’m on 9.5 Pro so I’ve just taken advantage of the 50% off.

But I’m having problems with the upgrade / update.

I’ve paid, got my activation code and gone to the download assistant, selected Cubase 10.

I’ve then downloaded the Cubase 10.020 UPDATE file (rather than Cubase 10.02. FULL). Click on that file and it lists what it is going to do. Against Cubase 10 Update it says " No Change" click on that to get more detail and it says “Cubase 10 not installed”.

What am I missing here? I’d rather not do the full 21GB download

But that´s the download you need.

ah ok. Will do. I’ve realised that the update is probably an update on an older version of 10. thanks!