Problem Upgrade suite issues (URGENT)

Hi all,

I’m new user, I recently bought a last month ago, the Steinberg UR22 with included Cubase AI7, after I upgrade it to Element 7.
Now, I just bought Cubase Artist 7.5 upgrade from Cubase AI6/7.
Problem is that the activation code provided does not seem to work…yet my 2 softwares are activated in the e-licencer.
then in my account I wanted to reset everything, ditto on the e-licencer… but I cannot input my download access code to reactivate Cubase AI7 :frowning: to be able to make my upgrade to Cubase Artist 7…
I’m lost with these all protections…

Please I need help!!! thanks


Now, I noticed Cubase Ai7 doesn’t appears in “My Product” section in mySteinberg website :frowning:
as if my key was rejected or banned…

Nobody can help me ?

Topic closed — solved by Steinberg!