Problem upgrading cubase 5 to cubase 5.5.2

Hello ,
I have just downloaded the upgrade 5.5.2 to cubase 5 , but cubase won’t load at all now , giving the error message : " Synchrosoft licence control . DCOM connection to program Synsopos .exe failed Error : The server threw an exception . "
Any help with this would be appreciated .

Make sure you have the most current eLicenser Control Center installed from There is a link from the main Steinberg site (upper left of the Home page).

Thank you Scab Pickens ,
you fixed the problem in a single stroke … loaded the latest eLicencer (just where you said on the home page ) and then opened Cubase straight after that without a problem …
Many thanks for your assistance ,

No problem. Glad I could help you get back to making music.