Problem Upgrading to 12 Using Current Account

I’m new to the forums so thanks you for your patience! I’m trying to buy the upgrade from Elements 7 (not an upgrade) to Elements 12, but Steinberg won’t let me use my current account. During the address details step of checkout it says “An account already exists with that e-mail address.” (no kidding… I’m logged in with it) Then further down it says “Your e-mail address is already used in the system. Please choose another e-mail address or use your old account.” This makes no sense to me as I am logged in already and this is the only account I’ve ever had. I guess I can make a new account but I don’t see why I can’t use my current one. What am I missing?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Be aware the online Steinberg shop is not the very same as your MySteinberg account. These are 2 independent systems.

It means, you might have already used the email address in the shop but not in the MySteinberg account (or the other way around).

Thanks for the fast reply! That still makes no sense. They should be the same. I have to use 2 different accounts to order a product from 1 company? Steinberg sure like to complicate things… I’m glad they are off the old e-license garbage though. Thanks again. Guess I’ll make a second account…


You don’t have to. You use 1 account to order the product and other one to activate the licence and use the forum. But you can use the very same credentials for both accounts, so it might feel like a one account. It’s up to you.

I agree, it would be better to have only one account, but the Online Shop is operated by 3rd party company with own system.

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