Problem Using 2 x M-Audio Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Editions in MIDI Device Manager

I experiencing a problem using 2 x M-Audio Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Editions in MIDI Device Manager in Cubase Pro 10.5.

When you select the required output (output 3 of 4 possible one) it doesn’t set and instead switches it to one of the other Midisport 2x2 ports. The other 3 outport ports work fine.

I am using the class client driver as M-audio’s outdated proprietary driver 6.1.3. won’t correctly install on Windows 10. It throws up an Error code 1316 when you try.

I’ve tried renaming the port in MIDI port Setup but that didn’t solve anything.

Obviously I’ve also posted this on M-Audio’s forums.



Sorry, I don’t really understand it. As far as I know, MIDISPORT 2x2 offers 2 In and 2 Out ports. So, how can you select Out 3, please?

Because I have 2 Midisport 2x2’s hence wring 2 x Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Editions in the subject line and in the main text


Do I understand you right, you call it this way?

  • MIDI Sport A Port 1 = 1
  • MIDI Sport A Port 2 = 2
  • MIDI Sport B Port 1 = 3
  • MIDI Sport B Port 2 = 4

If you have two Midisports plugged in they have 2 ins and 2 outs. So when I am referring to Output 3 I am referring to Output 1 of the second device. The problem is that the newest M-Audio driver is supposed to be Windows 10 ready but was released 7 years ago and there is an issue with the pre-requisite it fails to install. I think it was written with 32bit OS’s in mind when M-Audio was owned by AVID and nobody has updated it

Fortunately It runs off Class compliment drivers so you do get some functionality. I think you need the driver to run 2 devices on the same machine. There is no issue with the windows driver if just running one device. You are meant to be able to run two though.

I’m also having a problem with M Audio 2x2 Anniversary edition. Cubase 10.5 doesn’t recognise it at all. Drivers are installed but I can 't see it in my midi port set up. Did you resolve the issue?

Sorry for the late reply - the answer is no. I just learn to live with it!