Problem using plugins

Hi there, been using cubase for many years and using cubase pro 11 with no problems on a laptop. However I just installed cubase pro 11 on a new pc, and have a weird problem with the plugins. They have installed okay, but if I try and drag an instance from a thumbnail on the right hand pane onto the main page, they won’t drag nor are they clickable. There’s also holes in the list when in thumbnail view. When in list view they will mostly drag across, but some still won’t drag across. Tearing my hair out!


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Try to update your graphics card driver, please.

Hi there, thanks for the response! I’ve tried opening in safe mode, and the problem goes away - I can drag the plugin snapshots across onto the arrange page. There is however one graphics glitch, in that in the ‘Analyzer’ tab there’s just a big long space after it until the next tab. When I go back into a normal cubase boot, the problem comes back with all the plugins (built in & third party) affected. Have updated to the latest graphics driver. I’m using the built in intel graphics on an i9 10850k processor.


In this case, I would recommend to delete the preferences from the Safe Start Mode dialog.