Problem using UR22mkii with Rane SL2 for Serato DJ

Hi all,
To start, my machine is a Lenovo Thinkpad T460p laptop with a Quadcore i7 and Windows 7. UR22 Drivers are 2.0.3, never had any issues with latency/dropouts before. Recently I got a Rane SL2 soundcard to use with Serato DJ software for digital vinyl. I have a turntable going in to the Rane SL2, out to my Vestax mixer, and the mixer’s master outs going into the UR22 and the UR22 outs going to my studio monitors. Before, I was using this setup without the SL2 and with normal vinyl just fine.

My idea was to record the output of my mixer into Audacity or FL Studio but I ran into a problem. When everything is running (UR22, SL2 w/ Serato DJ) and the Mix knob on the UR22 is turned to input, everything is fine. However, if I turn on “listen to this device” in the recording audio settings for the UR22 line in and turn the mix knob to daw, the audio is garbled. Any recordings I make also end up distorted and garbled.

Not only that, whenever Serato DJ is open and the SL2 is active, running audio from ANY program to the UR22 results in distorted choppy sound. For example, if I have Serato open / SL2 active and I open my music player (foobar2000) and play a song, the audio coming out of the UR22 is a mess. If I turn off the UR22 and run the audio through my laptop’s internal soundcard (Realtek whatever), no problem at all. For some reason, the UR22 and SL2 just don’t like to be used simultaneously. It seems to be more of a problem with the UR22 than the SL2 though, as the SL2 functions fine in all respects and it’s the audio output from the UR22 that is distorting. I figure this must be some kind of ASIO problem as both devices are using it. Are they not in sync or something?

I have already tried changing the latency of both devices, uninstalling/reinstalling drivers for both devices many times. I tried using older versions of Serato DJ / Scratch Live. Tried going to Serato for support, nothing worked. LatencyMon shows no issues. Any ideas?

  • phixion