Problem using Zoom G5n with CubaseLE AI Elements 11?

I’ve been trying to use the G5n as an audio interface since yesterday on Cubase
It’s not working to use it as an interface with the G5n ASIO driver, only when I switch to ASIO4All but 4all loses a lot of audio quality and adds a little high latency

I tried new tracks, create a new bus in and out, record monitoring was active but I don’t get any signal from the G5n on Cubase

My audio settings:

“Audio System”

“Audio Connection”

Another question:
The G5n as an interface with Cubase closed works normally, I can use youtube and other apps along with it as an interface.
But when I run Cubase I can’t use these programs together anymore, is that normal?

The OS has two methods available to it to talk the the audio interface, the built-in Windows sound system, which has limited functionality, e.g., access only the first stereo pair, or via an ASIO driver, or by using the manufacturer’s ASIO driver.

When using the manufacturer’s ASIO driver one should expect to be able to use all features of the interface, and, Cubase requires the ASIO driver, and when it is in use, it doesn’t allow any other programt o use it.
You can activate Release Driver when Application is in Background to permit the other apps to use the audio interface.

Okay, thanks for helping me!

My other problem is that Cubase is not receiving any signal from the G5n when it is used as an ASIO too
Do you know how I solve this?

I found the solution the latency of the G5n Asio was less than 3.0ms below 3ms cubase does not receive a signal from g5n, in 3ms or above it works normally