Problem VST recording to MIDI


I’m brand new to Cubase Elements 8 and have only been able to make tracks with audio files because I cannot discover how to get a single VST plugin to record as MIDI on the track. I am attempting to use Halion Sonic & other VST plugins with their virtual interfaces & keys. I can hear audio on my speakers or headphones and also can see the sound bars on the specific instrument track but it will not record the MIDI notes. Check out my basic specs and my screenshot. I need to know what I am doing wrong, I feel it is a simple fix. Thank you!

MIDI Port: Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
I have tried both : Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver or ASIO4ALL V2
Cubase VST Issue.PNG

Hi, I’ve had similar issues, got them cleared up but then it came back! Weird! When I got it working before, I think I had to get to “preferences” and under MIDI, make sure MIDI Thru is enabled.

I titled a project song file as “This Works” because it did. I had 3 different VST instruments, and some Halion tracks as well and it all played nice. When I opened the project 3 days ago only one of the Halion tracks (all have midi data) will play back with sound. I can play my external keyboard on the different tracks and they have sound, but the midi file data does nothing now.

I’m sure it’s my lack of knowledge of the convoluted audio/data routing within Cubase Elements, but I have read the F’ing manual and have not found a solution. One symptom or piece of evidence is on the output VST (in the VST rack) the output routing is grey’d out except for the track that plays the audio. For those other tracks, I can’t seem to update the output routing to make them active. This all worked a few days ago…very frustrating!