Problem w/ upgrade to H6 from HS 1/2

Hi Folks,

Bought the HALion 6 upgrade (from HALion Sonic 1/2).
I have HALion Sonic 2 via the Absolute VSTi Collection +.
When I go to enter the activation code, I’m told there’s no valid license to upgrade.

Please advise…

Best Regards,
Jim Roseberry

Have contacted Steinberg USA… but haven’t heard back.

licensing issues must be solved by SB.
The forum consist of users and they have no ability to solve these things.
They will respond within a few days normally, but they did a release yesterday so i guess you just have to wait a bit.
you can try to pm one of the guys from SB in the forum
you can do this by clicking on “pm” next to the persons name and picture

kind regards,

Thanks Roel,

I know the forums aren’t an official support channel. :wink:
I was hoping one of the SB folks might read the post… and offer a solution.

I’ve contacted Steinberg USA via Email… and thus far haven’t heard anything.
Was hoping to get it worked out before the weekend.

The new features of HALion 6 are pretty exciting.
In particular, the custom scripting…


I have, the same problem (more or less)

I did a update within absolute+ collection to halion sonic2 in 2013 i think.

Bought the update, the activation code is not accepted within the elicenser.

Already made a ticket to steinberg this weekend.

So, waiting


Hi Jan,

I figured I couldn’t be the only one in this boat. :wink:

I realize it’s not up for debate, but this is one area where more strict copy protection bites the legit user in the rear.
Filed a support ticket Thursday.
Dead in the water… and thus far, no response.
Ironically, I can get relatively quick response from Asknet (company that handles the order process).

I’m anxious to check out the new features in H6.
$200 for a useless activation code has put a damper on things. :slight_smile:

We just have to wait a litle longer i gues.
I also send in a request on my steinberg.


Hi Jan,

Don’t know if you’ve received your response from Steinberg… but we’re basically SOL.
Took three business days to be told I ordered the, “incorrect upgrade”. :angry:

If I have a license to run HALion Sonic 2 (Absolute VSTi Collection +), why in the world would it not quality for an upgrade path to HALion 6… when the standalone version of HALion Sonic 2 does?

I already own all the things in Absolutely VSTi Collection 3… with the exception of The Grand.
I don’t need The Grand… and didn’t want to pay the extra $100.
With discount, the full version of HALion 6 is about the same cost (to me) as the Absolute 3 upgrade.
The reality for me and others in the situation… is that we have no real upgrade path.

I know we’ll not be the last customers in this situation.
Steinberg should clarify this on the website…

Do you currently have a Halion license or an Absolute collection one?

If it’s the latter then that’s the problem as you’ll need an Absolute Collection upgrade rather than a Halion upgrade.


I do not have any reaction from steiberg.

One the steinberg site, there’s nothing telling me, the upgrade doesn’t include the version within an absolute collection.

I don’t need the upgrade to absolute 3.

I hope steinberg wil solve this small problem


Hi Jan,

You’ll eventually hear from Steinberg (took about three business days for me).
They’ll tell you that you purchased the wrong upgrade (that’s what I was told).

There is no upgrade path from Absolute VSTi Collection + (even though it includes HALion Sonic 2).
To me, this makes no sense… as you can upgrade a standalone copy of HALion Sonic 1 or 2 (which was less expensive than the Absolute VSTi Collection +).
In any event, it is what it is…

It would be nice if this scenario was clarified on the website.
It never crossed my mind that the Absolute VSTi Collection + (which includes HALion Sonic 2) wouldn’t be a eligible to upgrade to HALion 6.

In the future, I’ll avoid bundled plugins…


I haven’t heard anything from SB, just waiting

Did you had a refund from aksnet?


Hi Jan,

My refund from Asknet is pending…

Today, I tried to place an order for a HALion 6 Crossgrade (from Kontakt 5).
Uploaded a jpg pic of my Kontakt account/SN. Have to wait 24-48 hours for approval.
Can this process be any more of a PITA? :wink:

So far
I didn’t hear anything
From stein berg