Problem When Export or Bouncing Audio

Whenever I export or bounce audio, the resulting audio is higher pitched, warbly, and thin sounding…nothing like the original.

I’ve previously run into similar problems, but in those instances the resulting audio files were longer (or were they shorter?) than the original clips. But this time they are the same length. And those earlier problems were all caused by sample rate mismatches, which is not the case this time.

What could be causing this problem? Thanks.

Cubase 12 Pro, Mac Studio running Ventura 13.5, Apollo x8p @ 48 kHz. My exports are also set for 48kHz.


The Sample Rate mismatch is the first, which come into my mind in this case. Are you sure there is no problem?

Do you export the Audio or MIDI/Instrument tracks?

There is no sample mismatch. And I can now export without a problem, so maybe I was mistaken about that and it was only when bouncing that I encountered a problem.

But bouncing is still problematic.

Re MIDI, I printed my MIDI tracks to audio for this project, and exported them without problem.