Problem when importing exported Dorico project

I am encountering a problem when I import a previously exported dorico project.

I like to export a project I’m working on under a different name so I have a backup version if needed.

When I import the previously exported dorico file it will open ok and I can work on it but then it does not let me export it again. If I choose “Save to files” the file popup briefly appears then disappears again. Also, in the Hub there are no options to delete it or rename it.

Is there an alternative way of saving a previous version for backup purposes?

What format are you using for your export(s)?

Exporting as Dorico project (.dorico)

So you are using “Save as…” to export your project under a new name?
(That isn’t usually referred to as “exporting,” but that isn’t important so long as we know what process you use to save the new file.)


  1. Tap “Share” icon
  2. Choose “Dorico Project”
    3 Choose “Save to Files”
  3. Rename Document.
  4. Tap "Done’
  5. Tap “Save”

The issue here, I think, is that you cannot choose Save to Files for a project that is already stored in iCloud Drive. Instead, I think you’re expected to go to the Files app and perform the operation you want to perform there.

Ok - I’ll have a look later when I’m at the iPad again.

Thank you, that seems to be the answer.

I have my preferences set to local storage rather than iCloud but the same principle seems to apply.

I tested by using “Save to Files” to save a test file to a different location and with a different name. I then coped the file over to Dorico’s own local folder in the files app. It then correctly appeared in Dorico and I was able to do open it and do all file operations correctly.

So I just have to remember to copy any backup projects back into Dorico’s own folder to work on them.