Problem when importing file to cubase

My friend sent me some files to edit. Some of them are :
-broadcast wave 44,1 / 24 bit and these import without any problem
and some are:
-wave (non broadcast) 44.1/32bit - these import wrong (they act the same like if there was some sample rate issue - original file is over 3minutes and when imported to cubase its playing faster and is about 1minute shorter than the original . When i listen to the preview in the import window it plays normal .

I always work 48khz 24bit so when cubase ask to convert i do .

I have also tried changing my device setup and project setup to 44,1 and importing without conversion but the problem is still there so i asume that its not an sample rate issue . I have also tried changing the bit rate and thats not the issue neither.

Tried to resave with soundforge and import with cubase again and didnt help
Tried to resave with audacity and the files played normal after importing to cubase but audacity only saves in 16bit so i dont want it like that.
(both program mentioned above did open the wav. and playbay propertly)
Could it be because my fiend made these weird wav. files ( only those that dont work) with fl studio ? Is it possible it made some weird wav files that cubase cant import or is it maybe something else ?

I would be thankfull for any help

Is it possible that you are importing these files into a track with Musical Mode set in the pool?

Does the imported file also playback at the wrong pitch? If so then it’s most likely to be a samplerate mismatch.

Do the “bad” files change length if the project tempo is changed?

Ok i guess it was the musical mode but how is it that it was automaticaly turned on ? Is it because maybe to guy who made this audio tracks worked on musical mode in another DAW ? To avoid streching forward and back of the file i imported one of those files that didnt cause any problems and set the tempo first and then i imported the bad files (after the setting the right tempo in my project ? ) .

Thanks for the help !

I really don’t know?

Maybe its some kind of Acidised file!!!