Problem when loading Cubase


When I load C10 PRO I have for the last few times been getting this pop up. Any ideas.
Have attached CrashDump file and screenshot
Cubase 64bit 2020.8.11 (424 KB)


The crash is in NI Kontakt.

Get in contact with NI, please.

The same ,after last kontakt and native update cubase crashing when load native instrument or open a project with native instrument fail…

Hi and welcome,

Please get in contact with NI (Kontakt). :wink:

I ve already done it and waiting for answers…but the issue is in cubase with kontakt at standalone there no issue…


Or the issue is in the VST version (plug-in) of Kontakt. Standalone application is something different than a plug-in.

Sometimes if a VST plugin crashes my Cubase, I would create a brand new empty project and load the plugin. Then close the project and open the existing project you are working on.

This has happened with FabFilter Saturn in the past for me.

Kontakt 6 crashing cubase I have tried everything…after 3 years without issues kontakt 6.4.2 crashing cubase 10.5.20…Ιs there someone else with the same problem?Please help!I have talked with Native ,Stainberg,no one has helped me.

Kontakt VSTi 6.2.2 is working fine so if you can restore a copy of that you’ll get it working again - and then don’t update Kontakt until they have a working version.

Since it is so easy to update Kontakt, this has the potential to burn a lot of folks who just go ahead and update.

Could the OP change the title on the first post so that folks will see that there is a problem with the latest Kontakt update working in Cubase. The current subject line is pretty generic.

where i can found 6.2.2?

Native Access. Where all updates are found for NI products.

Native Access gives only the last update.Is there any way to download previous updates?

I guess you would need to contact NI for that.