Problem when moving audio events between two projects

Hello, I have a simple task to perform: copy 30+ audio events recorded in one of the project → to new mixing template project.

So, I bounced selection of all the tracks, opened new project and activated it, then I dragged and dropped the audio events to different tracks that were already prepared. Now - all the events have exactly the same starting points after copying, and both projects have same BPM (even before copying action).
However: when I play it back in the new project - apparently, the timing is a mess! There is noticeable shift (timestreching) visible as different tracks ending than in original project.
The musical mode is turned off in original project from what I can see in pool. I never used it anyway.
I even tried turning it on in pool after copying to new project, and after that they seem and sound more aligned, but then - there is noticeable change in starting points of audio events in comparison to original project.

Can there be something I missed in the process? This really shouldn’t be this complicated, both project share the same tempo… Thnx for your response

Have you tried using the ‘Import tracks from project’ Option under File menu/Import options? Sorry if this is not feature of cubase 10.5 - I can’t remember.

I use Elements, so no its not an option hare. Shame

Ah damn, I guess sample rates match in each project?

Yay, I finally figured this out - seems like tempo track was to blame since my template project had slightly different BPM. I had to change it to original project tempo and it’s ok now after copying audio events. Thanks :upside_down_face:

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