Problem whith upgrade Cubase 7.5 Artist to Cubase 8.5 artist

Hi people I have sam problam whit activation of Cubase 8.5!!!
I have cubase 7.5 artist yesterday I buyed an Upgreyd to Cubase 8.5 Artist. So I download it and instal a cubase 8.5 full version and thanI made a activation in elicenser whit a activation code that I get from Steinberg!
And a elicenser dont finde a program to update a code I made same online in My Steinberg so there I got this masege"Activation Code not found. Make sure that the code has been entered in eLicenser Control Center."
so I dont know what to do!!!


Are you sure you have Cubase Artist 7.5 license? Didn’t you get Cubase Artist 8.0 license during the Grace Period for free? Check it in the eLCC, please.

Also make sure your USB-eLicenser is connected, while adding an Activation Code, please.

Yes I Have a License for Cubase 7.5 artist and its work greyt but when I starting to open cubase 8.5 artist and writing a serial that I got for this upgreyt eLicenser not finde a version to update a serial!!!


OK, so it’s a problem of the activation. I got it, now.

Make sure, your Cubase 7.5 Artist license wasn’t updated to Cubase 8 Artist license during the Grace Period. Check your license in the eLCC application, please.

No cubase wasnt updated to version 8. I have only 7.5 thare!!!


By “Serial Number”, do you mean an “Activation Code”, please?

By “Start Cunbase Artist 8.5”, do you mean “click to the Enter Activation Code in the eLCC application”?

Open the eLicenser control center. What license(s) does it show under the USB eLicenser tab?
Which upgrade exactly did you buy? What did iz cost?

eLicenser show me on usb Cubase 7.5 Educational,and I buyed a Cubase 8.5 Artist Update from 7.5 Artist!!! Its cost 111$.

I see. So you don’t own Cubase Artist 7.5 license, you own Cubase 7.5 license. This is the reason.

You should upgrade from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase 8.5 Pro. Downgrade from “Pro” to Artist is not possible.

Thanks a lot so I need to buy a Cubase pro 8.5!!!

You need to buy an upgrade from Cubase 7.5 to 8.5 Pro.

Thanks and what I do whith a Cubase Artist Update???

You could ask the seller (AskNet) to return it.