Problem with 3.1.10 Update


I just downloaded the update installer from the Steinberg Download Assistent (Win 10 German). During the update, the installer wanted to restart Windows and after the restart, Dorico 3 was gone …

I will download the full installer now.

Running the full installer was successful. Thanks for the update!

The same thing happened to me. Upon restart Dorico was just gone. No links at all in Start Menu, and if I go to the actual Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico 3 folder, the only contents in there were a backup of my instruments.xml file that I had created, and an empty folder called “fonts.” Downloading the full installer now, but since it has happened to multiple users, there may be a bug where the update installer removes the existing installation but doesn’t correctly install the new one.

We’ve obviously tested the updater ahead of release, and we’ve not been able to reproduce this problem. I’m not sure what to suggest at this point since we’ve not been able to replicate the problem in-house.

Running the full installer worked fine of course. Just curious to see if others end up having an issue with the updater too.

On Win7 I got this error repeatedly, using the updater.
The full installer worked fine, but I noticed it updated some Visual C components before embarking on the eLicenser stuff, which the updater didn’t do. On my W8.1 laptop the updater worked fine…

No problems with the Win Updater here. Worked without a hitch.

Might have a suggestion: I thought I had the same problem a few minutes ago as icons ‘disappeared’.

I had a start menu tile and a taskbar icon for Dorico 3 both of which did indeed disappear from their respective locations. There was however still a [or new] standard icon on the desktop. That confirmed that D3 was still installed on clicking. Right clicking on the desktop icon and selection ‘pin to start’ and ‘pin to taskbar’ reinstated the normal links and all now appears well. Could it be a similar problem being reported, or did the whole program really corrupt?

Are folks who lose sight of their Dorico icon using the Full Install or the Upgrade Install?

The updater installed fine on my Win 10 laptop. On my laptop I wasn’t prompted to reboot after install. I think I remember being prompted to reboot on my desktop, but I’m not sure about that.

This is very common with lots of software updates. As the previous version is uninstalled, the icons are uninstalled too. As the updated program is reinstalled, the program will often create Start Menu items and dump a shortcut on your desktop, but obviously has no idea where else you may have pinned it. I’ve had to recreate “Pin to Taskbar” shortcuts for lots of programs, it has nothing to do with the physical installation of the program on the disk.

This problem is not about the Dorico icon in the taskbar disappearing, it’s the whole program that disappears after installing the update. It happens after being asked to restart the computer. The solution is to reinstall Dorico with the full Dorico Pro 3.1.10 Application Installer.

Since I installed the update with just the Update link (from the SDA) with no problems, I think the problem some folks are having must be something other than which installer they used.

Is this only affecting Windows 10 users? Could the update version of Windows 10 be related to the problem?

My desktop is Windows 10.0.18362 and my laptop is 18363. I wonder if that has anything to do with it as it updated fine on my laptop but not desktop. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m almost positive I was prompted to restart after updating on my desktop, but definitely was not prompted on my laptop. Perhaps that’s a clue too.

If it helps to know, I was not prompted to restart after installing the update.

I realise that; my post was to suggest that some may worry that the loss of icons might in themselves suggest loss of programs whereas as in my case the update had taken

Just as a data point, I had the same experience at OP. After restarting Windows as prompted Dorico disappeared, the Dorico folder in Program Files was empty. After a fresh install the update worked fine. Running Win 10 Pro 10.0.18362.

I don’t have the problem or experienced the problem you are talking about here. I have a related problem.
It is no problem to pin the program to the taskbar, but when I open a new project, another dorico icon appears on my taskbar, so there is 2 icons.
The whole point of pinning the icon to the taskbar is for me to keep my desktop clean, but instead (in Doricos case) I get clutter on the taskbar.
Can you explain this?
Kind greetings Carsten

Each project will get its own button on the taskbar (though you can, I believe, stack them behind a single button), but I expect the second button is the VST Audio Engine process, which runs separately to Dorico. Clicking on the VST Audio Engine button in the taskbar will bring any open VST instrument or effect windows to the front.