Problem with 8vb line not showing in score but showing in pdf

This is a situation in which I want both staves of a piano to be 8vb but I don’t want an 8 line under the top stave as there is a lot of cross staff beaming and with dynamics it’s just too crowded. I adjusted the custom scale of the line to 1% and it’s not visible in the score or in print mode, but when I print the page it shows up as a continuous black line (pdf). Is there some way to prevent this? I have a note in the score explaining this to the player.
In the example it’s pno 2

This is a limitation in Qt’s PDF renderer, I’m afraid. It will probably be better to do away with the octave line and sacrifice correct playback for the sake of the printed output in this case.

Another option, although not ideal, is to drag the octave line off the page in Engrave mode. It still exists though of course, so if you later adjusted the casting off, it might end up back on a page somewhere. But you could e.g. do this for printing, then put it back in its correct place before saving the project.

An alternative would be to put all the notes on once staff, and use stems up / down to show which hand plays them.

I think I’m going to have to make 2 versions