Problem with a trill with quarter tones (auxiliary note accidental)

I am having problems to select the desired accidental for the auxiliary note in a trill…
What should I do to choose an A natural-quarter-tone-low auxiliary note on a G# trill? Dorico gives me A flat-quarter-tone-high, which is an enharmonic pitch, but much less intuitive in this case, I think:
Thank you in advanced!

If no solution for this, maybe would be a good idea to allow respelling of auxiliary notes…

I suspect no-one can easily give you an answer without knowing what your tonality system looks like. What’s your tonality system?

Equal temperament (24-EDO). I would like to obtain a trill on G sharp that has an auxiliary note of A natural-quarter-tone-low, not the A double-flat-quarter-tone-low that Dorico gives by default. Thanks!

At the moment it’s not possible to enharmonically respell quarter tone trill auxiliary notes.

Thank you very much, András, for your answer. I hope you could implement this in the future, as it limits quite a lot the real usability of quarter tone trills.

… Also, choosing the interval by number (properties panel) does not work with quarter-tones. One has to use the right menu (+2/24, +3/24, etc).

Would it be possible (akin to the Hollywood-style trill) to have the option of 1/4?