Problem with activating ASIO driver


I just acquired a TASCAM us-4x4, which included Cubase Elements 8. I was able to install it properly.

However, when trying to record, I get the message (in French): Le pilote ASIO n’est pas actif. Meaning, that the ASIO driver is not loaded or configured. I went through all the menus, followed the instructions I could find on the Internet, but I did not find anything about that particular error message:

  • Is the driver installed with Cubase Elements? Or it is not?
  • If it is, where to I go to activate or load with?
  • Is it a problem of compatibility with the TASCAM?
  • Is it TASCAM that provide the driver or Cubase Elements?

Any suggestion will be most welcome for a total beginner who does not know at all Cubase.

Thanks! Bruno