Problem with activation, 2 days before Cubase was working

Hello Frinds
I have a problem with starting Cubase 11. Computer asks me to activate it.
I have eLicenser connected and registered on Steinberg web site.
I received license Activation Code from Steinberg Download Assistant (this is an upgrade from Cubase Al).
When I open Cubase 11 and paste it, it is recognized correctly but after continuuing I have a message informing that „No license to upgrade found”. Is it any problem with eLicenser?
Two days days before I completed activation and Cubase 11 WAS WORKING properly.
Now I have this problem.
What should I do?
Please help
Best regards


Hi and welcome,

Does it really ask to activate, or does it ask to register?

Which Cubase edition do you have? Pro/Artist/Elements/AI/LE?

Dear Martin, situation has been changed.

I decided to go through the whole process from the beginning and uninstalled both Cubase Al and Cubase Pro 11.

When trying to activate Cubase Al with Steinberg Download Assistant, it turned out that "Activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade license ”. So I already used the codes to activate Cubase Al and upgrade to Cubase 11 Pro …

What have I do now to redo these two activations? Can activation codes be unlocked? Why, two days after Cubase Pro 11 has been activated and works properly, has the program stopped working?


Sorry, I don’t understand, what do you want to achieve.

If you upgraded your Cubase AI license to Cubase Pro license, you don’t own Cubase AI license anymore. The only license you have, is Cubase Pro. This license sits on the USB-eLicenser, which must be plugged in to the computer anytime you run Cubase.

The point is that this license does not sit on the USB-eLicenser,


If you really upgraded from Cubase AI to Cubase Pro then the license must sit on the USB-eLicenser.

Yes, that’s clear. But after two days of using Pro 11, the mentioned problem occured and now the right window of the eLicenser Control Center is empty - it is no license there… Strange!

But anyways. I have to activate again, and system does not accept second activation. What should I do? Ask Steinberg for another code?


You cannot activate again.

Can you see the USB-eLicenser icon on the left side in the eLCC? Could you try to trigger Maintenance?

Good direction… I cannot see the USB-eLicenser icon on the left side in the eLCC… This is a sound in the computer when I connect eLicenser via USB, but eLCC does not see it…


Try to use other USB port, please.

Thank you. The same thing happens when connecting to other USB ports. In general, the ports work properly when connecting other devices. Maybe I should download some drivers for eLicenser? I wonder how it is possible that two days ago everything worked - I was already using Cubase 11 for a day and then the program stopped working. I don’t think there is a port failure. Rather a software / driver issue?


I would try to uninstall and reinstall eLCC application (as administrator). The driver is part of it.

Maybe some Windows update was triggered in the meantime?

YES!!! Thank you. This is a point in my opinion.
So, what to do now?

yes, I will uninstall and reinstall eLCC, and let you know, thank you