Problem with Aggregate Device

I am getting no audio output from Cubase. No instrument tracks or audio track are sending audio through the MixConsole. When I play a project, or test an instrument, or drag an audio file on to a track, the midi and audio events are fine. But in the MixConsole there is nothing. No tracks are muted, no tracks are soloed. Is something broken? I haven’t used Cubase for a while, in the interim I upgraded my Mac OS to 13 (I had been using 10.15). Is this a system compatibility problem?


Try to click the Disable All Mute State button, please.

How is your output routed? Do you use the Control Room?

Thanks for your reply!
It’s not a mute problem…
I’ve discovered that Cubase no longer works with my “aggregate device” as the ASIO driver. I have to use the computer’s built-in audio for the ASIO driver in order to get sound. That momentarily solves my problem, but sometimes I need to use an “aggregate device”. What will I do then? My aggregate device always worked in the past.

In case you aren’t a Mac person, the aggregate device is something you need to create on the Mac if you want to combine different input and output options into one ASIO driver. This always used to work for me. Did Apple change something in OS 13 that makes aggregate devices incompatible with Cubase?


Please change the title accordingly.

Btw, the Aggregate Device is not officially supported in Cubase.