Problem with an XML imported file beyond the graphical interpretaion

Hello, I imported a 3-voice fugue on a grand staff but the result is a bit too messy for me to fix it. The reason I am posting is because the problem was beyond the beaming interpretation or those important but minor details, Dorico added pauses in the playback. The piece is in 3/4 but the popover gave me “3/4,5” showing strange signposts.
If you think it is worth having a look I’ll post the XML.

You can delete the time signature popovers, Dorico will “respell” rhythmically all the music. What is strange is that pauses have been added. Posting the file would be really the only way to know for sure what’s doable…

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Yes, you are right of course. The respell was not good, though. I am attaching the xml file and the correct Dorico file, i.e. what I was expecting to import.

Die Altstadt extract.xml (32.6 KB)

Die Altstadt extract.dorico (495.4 KB)

There’s something quite peculiar about the way that MusicXML file is encoded, with (apparently) redundant forward and backup elements that mean the notes are not at the expected positions in the bars. Is there anything unusual about the Finale document from which the MusicXML file was exported?

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Thank you for inspecting the file. I think the problem is connected to the 3-voice structure but as far as I know there’s nothing unusual. There are the hidden rests for the silent voices, and everything should be entered using the 3-voice approach.
If it is a matter of interest here I shall post the original file. My concern was to report a problem which I didn’t expect at all to be at Finale’s end.

The half dozen or so times I’ve had problems with time signatures on XML import, it was always something strange in the the Finale file.

Hidden notes are a common culprit. Do you have any of those in the original?

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Those hidden rests at the beginning! Thank you, good to know.