Problem with ASIO on UR44 and UR824 NO WIN10 update problem!!!

Hello forum,

I own a UR824 at my recording location and a UR44 at my home studio and I go into trouble with my Laptop.

I use my laptop for tracking and at home fore mixing.

My UR824 works just fine, no problems with ASIO/YamahaDriver
At home if I connect the UR44 I have to use DirectOut and go through the WIN10 Audio Setup to reach the LineIn of the UR44.
If I try to change to ASIO in my DAW (Reaper and Cubase10pro) a Steinberg ASIO Driver installation window opens and crashes with the DAW.

Can someone advise me how I can make them coexistent on my system?
I don’t use them at the same time.

Software, WIN, Drivers etc. are up to date and except for the UR drivers, only the UR824 dspMix is installed.

Thank you

I’ve followed this instructions yesterday, but problem remains the same