Problem with Asio4All

Hey all!

I have a problem with my ASIO, whenever I enable any usb inputs (Laney Ironheart studio or Samson meteorite) asio doesn’t produce any sound and the “notification” box at the bottom right changes into a red box, then green, then red, and it goes on and on, without producing any sound.

People have said that it was because of “overloading” the pc, but even with no projects on and just the program, it stays that way.

My pc has an i7 4770k and 16 gb ram, Cubase is running on an SSD, tried putting it on an hdd with no success

If I use a midi keyboard I can play with the vsts, but I can’t record any audio with the usb devices

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size. What does the tooltip of the meter says? What meter is it?