Problem with assignin a channel to my generic remote

currently I’m trying to create a generic remote for my Roland A300. I would like to use the faders for different channels (for example fader 1 for channel 1 and so on).
For some reason the first three faders are already assigned to an VST-instrument.
I would like to remove the instrument from theese faders and assign the normal channels but if I’m opening the Channel/Category-selection all I can choose are Device, Selected and so on and not the channels.
The help says I can assign the channels or if Command is selected the needed Command category but I have chosen VST Mixer as Device, so I should choose the channels :question:.
Am I’m doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance.



I’m not sure I understand your issue completely. Maybe a screenshot would help.

You can choose Mixer instead of VST Mixer.