Problem with assigning Quick Controls

I am very new to midi control assignments and have been using an Impact LX purely to record midi notes with my VSTs, so please bear with me if my question seems simplistic.

I am have trouble getting Quick Controls to recognise the faders on the LX88. I’ve done as the Cubase manual instructed

1.Select Devices > Device Setup.
2.In the Devices list, select Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls.
This opens the respective section on the right.
3.From the MIDI Input pop-up menu, select the MIDI port on your computer. Select the corresponding MIDI port (LX88 in my case) in the MIDI Output pop-up menu.
4.Click Apply.
5.Activate Learn.
6.In the Control Name column, select QuickControl 1.
7.On your remote control device (LX88 in my case), move the control that you want to use for the first quick control.

At the start, Cubase did not recognise the LX88 faders but at probably the 3rd or 4th try, suddenly the numbers under the Address column changed - proving that Cubase did recognise the LX88 faders.

I closed Device Setup and opened it again to try the same thing, jsut to be sure this is working now. Unfortunately Device Setup stopped recognising the LX88 again, and the numbers under the Address column does not change.

I’ve tried restarting Cubase, my PC (running on Windows 10) and unplugging and unplugging the LX88 before computer restart, all to no avail.

Could someone kindly offer some suggestion on how I can solve my problem? Any suggestion is welcomed as i am at my wits end. Thank you in advance for your time.

Quick question…
When you quit the Device Setup window, did you hit “Apply” again?

Hi Vic, Nektar had replied me with a simple solution that bypassed the Cubase Quick Control. Seems like I just had to drag the host automation slots under the Auto to the parameters I wish to control. Thank you for your time in any case.

Wendyphua can you please explain where I can read about Nektar’s solution?
I am having a similar issue