Problem with audio bleeding

Hey guys!

I seem to a have an unsolvable problem with background music (aswell as the others tracks in a project) bleeding into the track I’m recording.

At the moment the set-up is;

Guitar -> M-Audio FastTrack > Cubase

I have a headset monitoring the guitar signal hooked up to the FastTrack.
The output of the computer is routed back to the FastTrack. I suspect this is the problem, but I don’t see another alternative really. As far as I know, it’s not supposed to be a problem recording ITB through headset vs speakers.

Anyone with a solution?


Why not select the device in the OS for playback of those sounds, if desired? You don’t give detailed sys specs.

I could, but then I would be stuck without a monitor of the guitarsignal.

Detailed sys specs:
W7 64Bit. AMD X2 260 CPU, 4GB RAM
Cubase 5

I don’t have any bleeding issues if I route the main audio output in the OS to the standard output, but as aforementioned - I would lose the monitor of the guitar. :confused:

I googled and it appears M-Audio drivers aren’t multi-client so use in Cubase and the OS at the same time is a no-go. Is the Direct Monitor button dis-abled? Screen shot of VST Connections ins and outs?

There is no Direct Monitoring button on my FastTrack.