Problem with AudioWarp after Quantizing Audio with AudioWarp On.

Record mono Audio file - a series of simple quarter notes for 4 Measures
Select the track and see the guitar notes are slightly off the beat -
Guitar note Hit points do not line up with cubase Grid Bar lines
Use Audiowarp Quantize on and Hit Q to quantize guitar quarter notes
The hitpoints of the guitar quarter notes align spot on the bar lines - Great
Go to Audiowarp tab and select Musical mode in order to access ‘Swing’
As soon as I select Musical Mode the Guitar quarter notes JUMP back off the beat back to their pre-Audiowarp quantize ON attempt at quantizing.

Any Clues


Bounce the selection (and Replace) before you switch to the Musical Mode, please.

OK - So Now I’m going to name my First Born ‘Martin’ :slight_smile: That worked . Spent about 3 months being frustrated by this.

I appreciate Steinberg support a lot - however they told me that it should Work fine …the way I was trying to do it and maybe my cubase was corrupt , but they would look into it and get back to me . They said it worked fine on their machines - straight out of the box as I outlined above . However , every time I did it [about 300 times] and then went to the Audio warp tab after quantizing and choose musical mode …the hit points would always jump off beat and back to the pre-AudioWarp Quantize on positions.

Thanks , for the help .