problem with automatic set breakes

how can I avoid, that there are the breakes set automatically by Dorico?
I haven’t set any break by myself in the scores. Or is there an option somewhere to disable this automatically setting breakes?
In the attachment “Vorlage” you see, like it should be. In “Scores_without_breakes” the result in Dorico.
I’ve neither found a possibiity to delete the breakes.
Many thanks for help!

It should be as simple as double-clicking before the first note, i.e. after the first eighth rest, hitting I for insert mode, and then hitting Backspace to delete the eighth rest. You could also, outside of note input, simply select the eighth rest, make sure insert mode is on, and hit Backspace or Delete. The rest of the music will shuffle up into the right position.

Hi Daniel!
Many thanks for your help!
Now it makes much fun to work with Dorico.
But I have to get used to the keys :wink:
And one thing which doesn’t work at the moment is the “Wiedergabe”. I’ve now installed the asio4all-driver and choosen it in Dorico, but I don’t know …
I don’t see any VST-Instruments, could this be the reason?

Please check the procedures listed under “I get no playback. What do I do?” in the FAQ thread, and hopefully that will take care of the problem.