Problem with automation and SSL AWS 948/MCU remote device

I can’t get Nuendo 7 to take fader automation writes. In touch mode you see the automation writing but as soon as you take your finger off the fader the write disappears. In autolatch the write is there until you hit stop and it’s gone. In 6.5 automation performs as expected. Is there a Mackie controller update for 7?

Another question, I’ve found since 5.5 that fader rides of 2 to 5 tenths of a db are not always kept unless I do a more extreme ride at the end of the move. This would be on a presonus faderport, Avid artist mix and the SSL. I remember that in older versions of Nuendo we had a slider option that would control the accuracy of how many writes the automation would track. Any insight?

Win 7 64bit
Nuendo 7.0.3