Problem with BBCSO on new Mac in Dorico

I am installing my new M1 MacBook Air. The installation of Spitfire BBCSO was successful (works fine in Logic). However in Dorico the Spitfire Player displays no sound presets.

Has anybody an idea what went wrong here?

strange one if you say it works fine in Logic. The red exclamation mark on your screenshot suggests strongly that something is not right with the installation. What happens when you click on it? If there are warnings in the Spitfire Audio app, I’d run the repair option.

I don’t know much about BBCSO, but there is an issue with the M1 chip, that the main software and supporting software has to run natively on the chip or through Rosetta 2. You cannot have 1 app running in Rosetta 2 and the other running natively.

I am not a computer guy, so my explanation might be off a little.

If BBCSO is optimized for the M1 chip, that could be the issue. Seeing that it runs well in Logic, leads me to think that it is optimized for M1.


Have you contacted Spitfire?

Have you followed the instructions here?

Now as a PC user, why didn’t I think of that… :flushed:

This must be the solution! But I probably will wait for the next Dorico version, since BBCSO in Dorico is a “nice to have”, but in Logic it is absolutely crucial.