Problem with C6.5.1 (too soon to call it a bug?)

Hey hey,

Win 7 64bit
intel i7 | 920 | 2.67ghz
12GB Ram
IO: Presonus Firestudio Project v3.5.6.116754945

this is strictly under Cubase, all other basic windows functions and apps seems fine.
Ive contacted Technical Support to set up an appointment but its been hard trying to schedule (currently waiting). ive sent the request on March 28th and of course i’ve grown impatient, lol. Im leaving a post on the forum so maybe i can get some help while i do other things.

Ive been dealing with Cubase crashing on close. i checked out forums and it seems like this is not a uncommon problem? i first noticed it when i was still at C6.1 and after the upgrade the problem still exists… however, ive tried the things ive read and im still facing with the same problems.

Tech Support has told me to delete the application temp files, i did…and my problem has gotten worst :frowning:

The original issue with the crash has not been fixed and additionally, Cubase glitches/pops/stutters (i think you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:) during basic playback now virtually making music production and recording impossible. I bounced a short clip and the audio is not affected.

Because of this, i think that it can possibly be an unusual problem.

Ive also contacted Presonus and…they are infamous with their customer support…quite quiet over there both tech support email and forum, lol :unamused: ,

Some things ive tried:
Changed firewire drivers to Legacy
Everything is up to date (presonus, Novation controller, Automap (novation), etc etc.
VST’s are never opened during my “is it fixed? test”
Buffer is at 512 on my Presonus. (tried lower but no significant difference.)

Im an a little above average PC user and im not confident in trying to resolve this issue on my own without any support.
Excuse this long and boring topic but if anyone has advise please fill me in…semi pc noob style :blush: :mrgreen:


The issue of Cubase crashing on quit has been around on and off for years. My understanding is that it is usually related to hardware drivers. I think most of us have reluctantly learned to live with it.

If your installation of Cubase is also stuttering etc, this is not necessarily related.

Trash the Cubase preferences, remove any third party plug-ins, load an empty project and see if the stuttering goes away.

Try running Cubase with a different ASIO driver (ie disconnect the Presonus interface) - (not sure how you do this with Windows - on Mac you can run Cubase using the internal Mac soundcard).

Try different ASIO latency settings (larger buffers)

Any of these might throw some light on what’s happening.

You could also re-install Cubase.

Also, have a look at your firewire chipset.
Also not related to the crashing on closing, but it might explain the crackles/stutters.
A lot of firewire interfaces are quite picky when it comes to firewire chipsets.