Problem with centered beam over rest

I have trouble creating the following sort of beam that is centered over a rest (see the picture). Maybe I’m missing something really obvious, but I seem unable to figure it out. Thanks for any help.

center beam example.png

This should be very simple: you can input all the notes for that beam on the lower staff, then select the top F and press N. Full steps also described here

When both notes of the first F octave are on a certain staff, either above or below, it works perfectly as per the instructions you describe and creates the center beam. But having only the top F note on the above stave breaks and refuses to center the beam for me for some reason. Force centered beam in edit → stem doesn’t help. I’ll try looking at the options some more… thank you :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, tpajoj. I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t support centering a beam when there’s a rest in the middle of the beam group.

I have exactly the same problem as tpaloj, fiddling around for two hours trying to find a solution until I found this thread and this doesn’t seem to have been fixed in Dorico 3.5. Could we please have the option to center beams between staves in a grand staff even when there are rests in between the notes. That would be very helpful.

Si può fare benissimo! Eccovi gli allegati:
Prova.dorico (387.2 KB)
Bisogna impostare questo e poi ricorrere ad un escamotage:

…ed ecco il risultato:

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sopra ho allegato il file Prova.dorico per dimostrare che si può fare però sarebbe bene che nella prossima versione di Dorico questa procedura fosse più facile. Speriamo.
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