Problem with changing length of note by sustain pedal

Since I purchase Cubasis, I have never composed any songs.

I think that Cubasis cannot recognize the signals from sustain pedal correctly.

If it works well, while I play staccato with master keyboard, note should be recorded as short as staccato even though the sound may be long because of putting on sustain pedal.

Sadly, now I am struggling with the problem that although I play staccato with master keyboard, putting sustain pedal, note is being recorded long.

I have now iPad with Retina Display, Cubasis 1.3, LIGHTING TO USB CAMERA ADAPTER and USB Cable

I have tested the same thing with synthesizers such as Kurzweil and Yamaha, but I did work.

I am looking forward to hearing your answer ASAP.

Thank you.


that is not a bug but a feature, sorry. The sustain pedal is automatically calculated into note length. Thus, if you play staccato and use the sustain pedal, the note will be recorded long.

If you have any further questions, let me know.

Kind regards,

Thank you for your answer. But I can’t understand.

In my opinion, not only Cubase that is foundation of Cubasis but also all sequencing program may not change the length of note when using sustain pedal.

It is very basic feature for the composing program, isn’t it? In my case, however, only the Cubasis that I am using recognizes the sustain signal differently from other sequencing programs.

For example, Garage Band that is nonprofessional also recognizes differently between the sustain and note.

As you said, if this is not a bug, the solution may be simple. Cubasis should recognize differently between note data and sustain signal like general sequencing program. It should be the basic function for sequencing program.

I am not asking something special. I just want to enjoy what I am paying for.

I am sure that your Cubasis will be the best and hope that this kind of problem be solved next update.