Problem with clefs in cues

When using a cue with a different clef at the beginning of a score (e.g. a doublebass cue in a violin part) it’s not possible to undo the clef change, and the part that had the cue will play at the wrong octave for that bar.
We have talked about this problem before, - unfortunately it hasn’t been fixed in D 4.

This doesn’t help in any way?

I don’t understand your concern. This all works perfectly for me.
cue.dorico (1.3 MB)

Unfortunately not. And no matter how far back I undo including deleting the cue, the notes are still 2 octaves to high.
Thank’s anyway :slight_smile:

It works if the cue ends before the part, but if you prolong the cue into the part (maybe by accident…) you can’t undo that.

Please share the project file you’re experiencing this in so someone can investigate.

In my example the Bass cue extends into the Violin part.
And here’s a different version (silenced to save space) that uses the octave shifts mentioned by @DanielMuzMurray. Still plays back without fault.
cue2.dorico (527.1 KB)

Sure - here you are :slight_smile:
Select the leadsheet and delete the cue.
cue test.dorico (586.0 KB)

In the meantime I found out, that if I shorten the cue (little circle to the right) all is well again.
But if I delete the cue before doing that, I’m stuck…

  1. your file “as is” plays back perfectly (here).
  2. your file with the cue deleted, plays back perfectly
  3. however. If you delete the cue from the leadsheet layout, the violin notes stay in the wrong staff location, until you change the focus to another layout. Curious.