Problem with click metronome sound & preview media sound

I have a problem with cubase 10.5.20 pro, The sound does not appear in preview Media . After i solved it by open studio\ entering on Audio Connection\ and then Control Room\ and then selecting the sound card that was not set, then the sound appeared in preview Media sound , But the click sound in metronome desappear . It becomes either the choice of the appearance of a sound click the metronome, Or sound of the media preview, so the sound of Privevi Sound will disappear for Media.
I want both them appeare , The Media preview sound and Click Metronome sound.
What is the solution to this problem?
I work on Cubes 10.5.20 Pro
And my USB soundcard UR22C


Once you enabled the Control Room, the metronome sound routing is controlled by Control Room. Make sure the Metronome is enabled in the Control Room, please. And select the right Bus in the Transport > Metronome Setup > General > Audio Click Outputs.