Problem with clicking an audio sample in media bay

What happen when i clik any audio sample in media bay
its bug from cubase7


This is not general issue. I cannot reproduce it and if this would be on all users sides, then it would be fixed already. Something must be wrong on your setup.

I would recommend to trash/rename preferences folders of all your Cubases.
%appData% Steinberg/Cubase 7, Cubase 8… Cubase 10

in 9,5,41 mediabay work good and stable but when i try to use same sample libraries in cubase 10 its going to crash
The same problem was in Cubase 7 exactly like in 10


Attach the crash dump file, please.

I cant because i should to stop Cubase with alt ctrl del

After update 10.10 media bay still not working.

In 2018 I must listen audio sampels or loops in windows file browser, it perfect, thank you.

Cubase default settings not fix it, Cubase 10 just dont play any samples, but Cubase 9.5 play any audio sample corectly.

Admin rights not working too.

Did you ever trash your preferences as Martin suggested?

That includes preferences for every prior Cubase version plus version 10.

Seems it work, thank you