problem with Colliding Worlds set

Hi ,
Just bought and uploaded the Colliding Worlds pack for Groove Agent.
I have the licence registered and all installation appears to be fully done, however, when I load up Cubase (pro 8) and pull up Groove Agent, although I can see the Colliding Worlds instrument set, and can select any of the various patches/kits, they will not load up.

Am I missing something here? all the other extras that I have bought and uploaded have gone in as smooth as you like! :slight_smile: and I am on a fast pc set-up with 8GB and no issues otherwise.

Any obvious ideas please?

****quick edit here – could it be that these samples were all recorded/created at 48000 and 24bit ? If my project settings are different would that stop any lit loading? I would have thought that C8 would inform me of this via a warning box? ***

Installed for all users?


The sample rate cannot affect it.

It sounds, like you installed the presets, but not the library, to me.

cheers guys,
I was not asked for “all user” but always have it open to all users.

I uploaded everything that was downloaded from Steinberg so maybe I try a fresh download again?

yeah, remove and try a new install… look around the bottom left for a all users check box… I cannot remember if the sounds ask for it, but cannot hurt to try… I had this issue and that solved mine. Different set though.

Re-installed and checked that box so it is available for all users - still no joy AND the proper instrument set picture does not appear in the drop down, just a standard agent picture.

Going to try to download from the steinberg list page…