Problem with computer audio when running Dorico...

Hi, sorry for the trouble.
When I transcribe music, I would also like to be able to listen to music on youtube, but I noticed that I can’t hear anything because, probably, the audio is reset by the sound card to “favor” of Dorico (which does not happen to me with Finale).
Is there a procedure that allows me to exclude this problem and allow me to listen to music during the transcription with Dorico?

Thank you … and sorry if the topic has already been treated.


I DO listen to YouTube through my UR22mk2, which is my audio for Dorico. In fact anything I listen to on my computer comes through that when I have Dorico launched.

Hi, I meant to say if there is any configuration I have to do on Dorico.

See instructions in section “Solution”:

Solved, many thanks …