Problem with condensing divisi

I am having trouble with a divisi passage. Violin 2 is divided in 4 parts. Written out it looks like this:

I would like to have it written into two systems, each showing one stem-up and one stem-down voice. The first system should contain the upper two voices, the second the lower two voices.

So far I have not achieved that goal. When turning on condensing I either get version 1:

or version 2:

I am attaching the dorico project. There is a condensing-rule-change at the beginning of the section. If you move this to the beginning of bar 1, version 2 will show.

What would I have to to to get my desired result?

Divisi-Problem.dorico (1.5 MB)

I don’t know why you get version 2. If I set the condensing change at bar 1 the result is correct.

Divisi-Problem solved.dorico (1.9 MB)

Ah now I understand. You put the two divisi voices BOTH in the staffs downstem voice. You need to put one in the upstem and one in the downstem.